"Meet Me at the Pumpkin Patch" Long Sleeve Graphic Tee

Rosebud Tees

Created with love by Kari Jo, owner of Rosebud's Tees. We love her, we love that she is a farmer's daughter, and we especially love her graphic tee collection. 

From Kari Jo:

Designed with the small town girl in mind, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort when you wear a Rosebud’s Tee. "Meet me at the pumpkin patch" is durable enough for a day of pumpkin pickin' and stylish enough to wear out on a small town Saturday night. Featuring a relaxed unisex fit, added length, and a flattering 
  • Long sleeve Comfort Colors
  • Rust Orange with Off White graphic
  • Unisex, Relaxed fit

 Graphic Tees for Small Town Lovin' Women Who Are Proud of Their Small Town Roots

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