The Large Open Roaster

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As I read the recipe, this word stood out....


There was something whimsical about that word. Comfortable. Tried and True. Trusted. 

That’s the Open Roaster, in a word.


You probably already knew that it’s traditional and even comfortable to serve a roasted ham for an Easter gathering. 

This undated recipe from Charlotte County, Virginia, is believed to be used by the Jefferson family at Monticello. 

Baked Spice Ham

Select a nicely cured Ham. Soak overnight in cold water. Wipe off and put on in enough water to cover. Simmer for three hours. Let cool in the water it was cooked in. Take out and trim. Put into baking-pan, stick with cloves and cover with brown sugar. Bake in moderate oven for two hours.  Baste with white wine. Serve with a savoury salad

Mark Kurlansky, M. (2003) Salt. Penquin Books.

Recipes like this are timeless.  And so is your Enamelware from Farm House Collection.

Thinking about a nice BBQ brisket or an Easter Meatloaf for your holiday gathering? It's ok to think outside the Basket and start a few new traditions!

This roaster will compliment any main dish plus it goes from grill or oven, right to table! 

So many color options, vintage or splatterware - there is one for you. 

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