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Enamelware large open roaster

Undated: Never Go Out of Style

The classics. Really, that’s what we’re talking about. The things that never go out of fashion: red lipstick, fireplaces, long baths, little black dresses, travel, playing in the backyard, and barbeques. We know there is no fault to be found when we choose the tried and true. We trust them. They ease our minds. Featured Enamelware: The Large Open RoasterTradition. It has a way of bringing us comfort. This open roaster marries tradition with undated style. That makes it perfect for serving time-honored favorites, like baked ham.

Featured Recipe: Baked Spice Ham

An undated recipe out of Charlotte County, Virginia is more than a classic: It may be historic. Rumored to have been a regular in rotation for the Jefferson family home at Monticello, this ageless recipe couldn’t be more well deserving of your timeless Crow Canyon enamelware piece.

Baked Spice Ham

Select a nicely cured ham.

Soak overnight in cold water.

Wipe off and put in enough water to cover.

Simmer for three hours.

Let cool in the water it was cooked in.

Take out and trim.

Put into baking-pan, stick with cloves and cover with brown sugar.

Bake in moderate oven for two hours.

Baste with white wine. Serve with a savoury salad.

      Mark Kurlansky, M. (2003) Salt. Penquin Books.

What other traditional meals can you serve up in your open roaster? Think about a roasted turkey, barbeque brisket or even a meatloaf. You aren’t limited to oven dishes either. Your enamelware piece can be used on the grill as well.

Let’s talk about your table setting. What is the feeling you want to capture? Depending on the occasion you may want to consider the finish of your enamelware for just the right ambience. Consider a vintage look or splatterware, both with plenty of color options to enhance the personality of your gathering.  

After you have put so much thought and preparation into entertaining your guests, the last thing you need is a hassle at clean up time. Your enamelware is truly a gift for the busy hostess. Pop that enamelware in the dishwasher and relax.

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