The Jelly Roll Pan


The Dish on Enamelware at Farm House Collection, Jamesport, Missouri.

The Jelly Roll Pan!

Traditionally, The Jelly Roll Pan was designed to make thin sheet cake sturdy enough to coat with crème or a jelly, then roll into a cylinder shape.

But don’t limit this pan to the Jelly Roll. With this pan, you’ll find yourself baking and serving everything from roasted veggies to delicious desserts.  

Aluminum Trays are boring. Why not love what you bake in?  Watch Amanda from Farm House give a short overview of the Jelly Roll Pan:

Enamelware is beautiful, versatile and easy to clean. From the fridge to the oven or grill to the table, through your dishwasher – this dish won’t see the inside of your cabinets because you’ll love using it every day! 

In Splatterware, the speckled paint drips and drops color and coat this pan for a beautiful appearance. Vintage plays it cool with just a select color along the rim. The fun is how you can mix and match pieces between these two finishes.

Family jealously is rampant between cousin cookie sheet and jelly roll pan.  Not only can Jelly Roll Pan bake cookies, the added rim makes sheet cakes a big as Texas and more.  The big reveal to this cake is the dish it’s baked in! 

It’s the perfect tray for serving up your favorite drinks or even doing crafts with the kids.  Post how you use the Jelly Roll Pan in the comments below!

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Jamesport, Hamilton & Parkville, Missouri

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