Red, White & Blueberry Muffins

Posted on June 27, 2019 by Jill Steward | 0 comments

Whether you are baking blueberry muffins or adding home-grown tomatoes to your holiday picnic, you’re in good company. 

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The Large Open Roaster

Posted on April 05, 2019 by Jill Steward | 0 comments

As I read the recipe, this word stood out....


There was something whimsical about that word. Comfortable. Tried and True. Trusted. 

That’s the Open Roaster, in a word.

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The Jelly Roll Pan

Posted on March 29, 2019 by Jill Steward | 0 comments

Get to know the Jelly Roll Pan - but beware, you will want one or five after learning about all its hidden ninja skills. More than baking, the Jelly Roll Pan doubles as a perfect serving tray and is even dishwasher-safe.

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