Red, White & Blueberry Muffins

blueberry Enamelware muffin tin enamelware red

What could be more all-American than making blueberry muffins! Can I tell you a secret? We use a mix. Don’t judge too harshly, those are fresh blueberries from Henry.  

You gotta get to know Henry. He spends his retired days at the produce auction, loads up, and drives them back home for us folks to enjoy at cost.   It’s “You Pick” style from the back of his truck…and you’ll never know what to expect, only that it will be delicious.  


He’s quite hard of hearing. Even from three office doors away I know he’s coming and I reach to have my cash ready. In this day of paypal, venmo and chipcards, Henry is the reason I keep some on hand. I’ll ask “What do I owe you for this?” and he pulls a stained auction ticket from his front pocket and says “Well, I give $3 a quart so that’ll be $3.” A smile and a laugh are always included in the price. Then he scoots on to the next shop, cane in hand, to lighten his load.

Even if you’re not from these parts you may still be able to get to know Henry. Not long ago we were enjoying fresh, homemade salsa at a friend’s gathering. Forget that store-bought, hot-house, saran-wrap stuff. This was made with the first real, full flavored, red flesh that signals the beginning of summer. Amazing produce to be sure, but even so you can imagine my surprise to learn our host had gotten ahold of tomatoes from Henry- over 80 miles away from where we see him at our shop!

Whether you are baking blueberry muffins or adding home-grown tomatoes to your holiday picnic, you’re in good company. All across our nation there are decent folks like Henry, adding goodness to our table and our lives. It’s these people that make America so scrumptious. It’s what makes our chest expand a little more when we look to the night sky and acknowledge why we get to enjoy fireworks, friends, family, and a way of life.


Wishing your family a red tomato BLT, fresh berry muffin kind of gathering this holiday weekend!

And if you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by the Farm House in Jamesport, Hamilton or Parkville- We’d love to have you!

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